About KYX About KYX

About KYX

We’re a passionate team from Los Angeles with a diverse set of backgrounds. The thing that binds us all together? We simply love sneakers.

At KYX our motto is “Meant To Be Worn.” At its root we just want people to wear their shoes! We want to make sneakers more accessible, so more folks get that special feeling of wearing something that makes them feel good. Our mission is simple:

To create the most trusted, transparent, and easy source for buying used sneakers online.  

At KYX what you see is what you get, no more worrying about hidden issues or defects. It is our goal to be as honest with you as possible—absolutely every time. Nothing is hidden. We are the safer way to buy used sneakers online.

We will never forget that as simple as it sounds…sneakers make us feel good. We buy them because they bring us a little slice of happiness. We stand a little taller. We walk a little prouder. We wear certain kicks to fit in but also stand out at the same time. 

We look forward to bringing you, the customer, a trusted space that makes your sneaker life easier and more fun. Because after all, sneakers are meant to be worn.



The KYX Team